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Readings that give you practical advice

Since 2001, Vickie has given intuitive guidance and healing through tarot readings that give you practical advice. Vickie uses a few different decks and oracle cards, including the Rider Waite and Thoth (Crowley) cards. In recent years, Vickie has added Ho'olokahi numerology tools to her process, creating greater insight by uniquely combining tarot and numerology in her readings.

From work, to home and relationships, or for any decision or 'what if’, Vickie will help you gain insight and get a clear mind, so you can move forward with confidence.

Remote readings!

Both with the current situation of physical distancing and as a measure to overcome geographical boundaries, I am happy to announce that I am now doing remote readings via Facetime or Zoom. Alternatively, I can record a reading for you and send you the video.

You can easily book online (woohoo!) – but if you can't find a slot that works for you, feel free to email me.

How tarot readings work

Tarot readings offer insight bringing your truth to the forefront, in a query or situation. This includes things we almost sense but don't have the clarity to understand, and cautionary points that are brought to light, along with offered guidance. For those with intrigue but no fixed question, general readings can be equally revealing.

Thoth and Osho Tarot

Vickie's practice

Vickie's main experience is in using tarot readings to look at relationships with others, your relationship with yourself, work situations and areas where you feel blocked and require guidance. She also helps those who have encountered dysfunction, codependency, or the effects of addictive behavior – whether personally or in relation to a loved one. Vickie is primarily based in Hong Kong but she travels around Asia and visits the UK and US, too. Tarot and numerology readings can also be offered online live or as a recording.

Vickie Chan tarot reader

Tarot & numerology

Using Tyler Mongan's Ho'olokahi Numerology system, Vickie will give you a guide to your life through numbers. Each reading will cover your main gifts and assets as well as your challenges, with guidance on what might help you to faster overcome your difficulties to find your true path in life. Each section is broken into 18-year cycles, so you can better understand your past, too. Vickie then expands on the reading with tarot cards, giving yet another level of insight and advice. Specific questions about your life path, work or relationships can also be focussed on during the session.

St Petersburg Tarot

A session

A 45–60-minute tarot session usually gives a single in-depth tarot reading, offering guidance on one situation or question. Sometimes, two shorter readings can be given, looking at either side of a 'what if' question. Regular readings with Vickie are useful in working through and maintaining clarity and insight during longer processes (personal development goals, changing a repetitive behavior or pattern or perspective, etc), and can be arranged at a package price. Readings can be given online, too.

A numerology and tarot session (described above) takes about 75 minutes. You will start with a general overview of your chart, and then expand your understanding with tarot cards. You can ask specific questions about your self-understanding, life path, work or relationships during the session.

Rider Waite close up

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What others say

  • I wanted an overview of 'what's to come'. I haven't had many tarot readings before so I appreciated the time she took over a thoughtful explanation of each card before going into greater detail. She explained the difference between gratitude and enjoying and sharing what I have. It was a huge eye-opener, offering guidance and insight on what was keeping me from leading a more balanced life. I was pleased to see I've made progress – I won't have to climb any mountains to feel balanced in the coming future!

    Bethany, Hong Kong
  • I hadn't had a tarot reading for a very long time. I had a general life spread as something seemed to be in flux with many of the areas I sought guidance on. She keeps it down to earth and positive, which I really loved. For example, rather than mentioning "bad cards" per se, Vickie encouraged me to be mindful of a few lessons I have already learned; because the cards signposted a few potential pitfalls if I carry on without awareness. In my session, there was time for a second spread and, although Vickie used a different deck, the overarching message reinforced what we had discussed. I really appreciated the insight, so much so that I took notes!

    Cassandra, Hong Kong
  • My numerology and tarot session left an impression because of what came up. Vickie gave me specific insights to my personality, giving me tips on things I know I find difficult. She also explained where my past is holding me back and how to overcome that, which felt really manageable instead of confusing. Vickie is an intuitive and down-to-earth reader, and the tarot cards clearly expanded on the numerology chart, showing my current situation helping me to focus on how to get the most out of life.

    Katie, Hong Kong